The Murder of : 1

Some rattles.

“Is that you?”

No one answers.

A bit worried, the latch-key in the right hand, to deem a wise precaution not to enter in the hall.

“Since you are back maybe… Maybe, you would want some tea, wouldn’t you? It is a delicious one. You will certainly love it. I bet you will love it.”

Nothing can’t be heard.

“It is a new one, you will love it. The most delicious tea in the world… They say so. You might ask me how I know that. It is written on the box. It may be a lie too, but I don’t think so. Once you opened the box, you can smell this delicious perfume and you can’t deny that it must be the most delicious perfume in the whole world, so the tea should also be.”

To worry.

“It is strange, why don’t you answer me? Do you give me the cold shoulder or something? I didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe it is the tea? I shouldn’t have bought a new one. You liked the previous one, didn’t you? You liked it so much. I am sorry. Can you hear me? I apologise.”

Some rattles again.

“Do you want to frighten me? You could at least…I have already apologised. I am sorry! You heard me this time?”

To keep delaying the moment when one would have crossed the dining-room and come into the hall.

“This chill all over my back, you know that I have a weak body. Could you at least shut the front door? You might be angry, but you don’t have to kill me for such a little matter. It is very unpleasant and low of you to do so. To kill your sister: how could you even think of it? I wouldn’t harm you for all the tea in China!”

Another rattle, to step back.

“I refuse to believe that…You are my brother. My own, my only and dear brother, the same flesh, the same blood. How could this be possible?”

“Yes!” is said emphatically.

“Stop it! You make my blood run cold. This bloody tea! It may be the delicious one but it is such a troublemaker too!”

To fall down on one’s knees.

“And I wasn’t able to foresee your eyes full of hatred?”

“No!” is said emphatically.

“The freezing weather, the cold shoulder you gave me, my chilly back… Oh! Good God! To tell the truth I would rather be dead.”

Anyone can foresee stirring times ahead.

[The Murder of : 2]


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